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Welcome to the Pathfinder the Roleplaying Game Kith’takharos campaign. You can find information about the Kith’takharos setting at the White Haired Man web site. This Obsidian Portal site will focus on dynamic information generated by the campaign, such as character creation rules, adventure logs, character information, journals, Forums etc.

Session 24: February 5th, 2010, 1PM at the Galligan’s house.

George will be continuing his Pathfinder adventure campaign. The Kith’takharos campaign is going on haitus until KS05 is ready for playtesting. There is no ETA. However, everyone may push their character to level 9 so they will be ready upon our return to play.

White Haired Man

Playtesting on KS04 The Dreamers Awaken is complete! What a fantastic run that spanned three months of play sessions. The work is already well under revision and will soon be put into my hands for PDF layout. It looks possible for a February 2011 release. Thank you to the whole team who made The Dreamers Awaken come to life for us here at White Haired Man.

Game Location Information

This campaign will often be played at either Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, Michigan or a super secret location. Sessions will take place approximately every other week. Each session should take about four hours. Consider your time commitment carefully. I’ve found game groups tend not to enjoy the prospect of their healer unexpectedly missing a session when confronting a tough encounter. Think of this as a gaming group. I will GM many sessions but we may occasionally play board games. Others may GM from time to time too.

A Note on Game Play

The swamps surrounding Kith’takharos are dangerous and this will be reflected in the environment. Do not assume that all potential foes can be defeated by the characters. Because something can be discovered does not imply the characters can handle it. You will have to make intelligent decisions regarding danger as best you can. Track down rumors, other explorers, and whatever clues you can gain from your travels. I hope this will engender a sense of intrigue and exploration.

Player recruitment

We are not recruiting at this time.

Current Roster

  • Justin – Phoebus Silverhelm. Human, Paladin (9).
  • Skyler – Cor. Elf, Sorcerer (9).
  • George – Magnus. Human, Ranger (9).
  • Travis – TBD. TBD, TBD (9).
  • Dave – Mason Kri. Half-Orc, Fighter (9).
  • James – TBD. TBD, TBD (9).

Deceased Player Characters

  • Ahren. Half-Elf, Sorcerer (1): Died at end of session 2. Heart torn out by a short, stocky, black greasy haired man at the Old Temple across the Big Water from Kith’takharos.
  • Markos Kri. Human, Ranger (2): Drowned after sustaining heavy damage during engagement with poachers during session 4. Battle occurred about a mile North of Kith’takharos at an ancient Harlass Orn bridge ruin.
  • Davor. Human, Druid (4): Electrocuted by Trickster at one of The Nine Towers.
  • Vyndyri. Half-Elf, Fighter (1), Cleric (6): Killed while trapped inside the dream realm constructed by the veilwalker Dreamseeker.

Disabled Player Characters

  • Iseri. Elf, Rogue (7): Blinded by the veilwalker known as Dreamseeker at Tarass Shar Orn. After learning there is no available cure for his eyes he retired from public view in Kith’takharos. Lady Salmissra publicly commended The Company of the Wet Boot and has provided a pension for Iseri to live out her days in return for her heroic efforts while exploring Tarass Shar Orn. The results of which has made Kith’takharos a safer place.

Inactive Player Characters

  • Tom – Mason Kri. Human, Fighter (3).
  • Ron – Vynduri Zirol, Half-Elf, Fighter (1), Cleric (2).
  • John – Jurgen. Half-Elf, Bard (1), Fighter (2), Not chosen (1).


I will post scheduling information and important announcements between games here and on the Gamers Sanctuary Forum>Roleplaying>Pathfinder 3.5/OGL. Gamers Sanctuary Forum.

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Kith'takaros North

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