Meryl Dunestal

Transit Guild representative in Kith'takharos


The Transit Guild assigned Meryl as its agent in Kith’takharos. He ostensibly mediates the sale of swamp plants from the Order of the Jade Leaf to guild merchants. However, Meryl also has a more important parallel mission: to discover the sources of swamp plants so that the Transit Guild will no longer need the Order of the Jade Leaf. Meryl periodically hires adventurers to explore the swamp, but none have found the plants he seeks.

Meryl hates the swamp, especially the wetness, humidity, and heat. He always wears a neck scarf to catch the sweat that rolls down his face. The guild offices are a sanctuary of magical coolness. He desperately wants to finish his work and get out, which gives him a perpetual short temper. Few in Kith’takharos like him, and most everyone avoids him. As far as the populace is concerned, about the only good thing he brings is Transport Guild gold.

Meryl Dunestal

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