Vynduri Zirul

Half-Elven Fighter/Cleric


Vyn comes from the north. After his younger brother dies in a failed attempt to make good on a bounty. His mother grief stricken at the loss of her youngest passes away as well. Looking to the light for answers he has found what he perceives to be direction. Running from his brother’s death, Ill choices made and familiar surroundings. Vyn comes across Kith’takharos while searching for reflection, peace and redemption. He was noticed by the Order of the Jade Leaf for his ability to heal and has been inducted into the order (albeit at the lowest of ranks) and plans to make this place his new home.

Vyn is still of a young age by Half-Elven standards, a little taller and having more of a human build then one of an Elf. He wears Heavy Armor (Scale Mail) and sports both a Large Steel Shield and Heavy Mace which he has become accustom to.


Vynduri Zirul (Vyn) РWas the older of two boys. Adventurers/Mercenaries they believed themselves to be, much like their father. To unruly for their mother and with father being gone most of the time, the boys were always outside and often in trouble. With father dead and mother becoming too old to keep things in order (no income) the brothers needed to do something…anything. And so begins the REAL life of Vynduri Zirul.

Vynduri Zirul

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