Druid of Kith'takaros Swamp


Davor has long brown hair and silver eyes. He wears a dirty green cloak and black boots to mach his black v shaped hat.


Davor was a young boy when he saw many animals in chains and starving. He always felt compelled to observe nature but found himself particularly at home in isolated forests. Davor witnessed the reckless nature of man in the wilds. Their thirst for resources was unquenchable. If only he could find a way to show his fellow man that resources must be managed or be depleted. Over time his trust in mankind diminished and he wished he could withdraw from civilized lands.

One day an elderly druid visited the small town of Nearport. Davor found himself drawn to this person. The elderly druid spent long months imparting a basic understanding of how to implement stewardship over the great wilds with Davor.


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