Markos Kri



Markos is a human that stands just under 6 feet tall and weighs just about 200 lbs. His green eyes often hidden under his dark brown shoulder length hair. He’s usualy dressed in dirty brown leathers and smells of earth and the swamp. When in the wilderness he carries a simple spear and has a bow strapped accross his back with a quiver of arrows at his hip and a large knife accross his chest. Bedroll at his lower back and rope slung at his waist.


Markos Kri wandered into Kith’takharos last year. He talked little, but when he did he said he was riding guard for a caravan out of a village with his dad some 20 miles away and was ambushed and left for dead in the swamp. He woke in a camp of a tribe of swamp men, this he said, was seven months before he came to Kith’takharos. Since then he has worked as a bowmaker and rookie swamp guide. He has not yet sought out his old home.

Markos Kri

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